Welcome - Jim Wageman

Welcome and thanks for stopping by to take a look. The impetus behind the creation of this site was simply a desire to share with family and friends a few of the photos taken on a trip to Hawai‘i in June of 2015, following an absence from the islands of several years. Those photos are now in four galleries in the folder titled "10 Days on an Island." As travels take us to other destinations, we expect new galleries will appear to display them.

We anticipate, though, that ultimately most of these galleries will display Thailand-related images, hence the unabashedly shameless pun lurking in our main title—offered with apologies to Dr. Seuss (or should that be to Yoda?). At any rate, we hope you'll browse freely and find something here that may please your eye—maybe even turn up an image or two that will make you want to concur with Thoreau's observation that heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. Be sure to check back periodically, too, as more photos and galleries will be forthcoming in future.

Please note that all words and images represent copyrighted material and are not  to be reproduced without  the express written consent of the author/photographer. In the case of images shared informally or used non-commercially, credit should be given to the photographer (Jim Wageman), with a link to this website. Thank you for your consideration!

See more of Jim's photography on the printed page in his two award-winning books: Sublime Beauty: Hawai‘i's Trees, published by Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu; and A Literary Lei: Flowers & Plants of Hawai‘i, published by Watermark Publishing, Honolulu.

Jim and Mon