Si Satchanalai, on the west bank of the Yom River some 40 miles north of Sukhothai, was a Khmer military outpost and administrative center. It was overthrown by Thai military forces during the same campaign that brought Sukhothai under Thai control, around 1247 AD. As a satellite of Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai flourished, and many fine temples were built there during Sukhothai’s golden era. The pervasive influence of Sri Lanka, both directly and via Burma and the Mon, may be seen in the many temples with characteristic Sri-Lankan-style bell-shaped 'chedi' or stupas—not only in Si Satchanalai but throughout the Sukhothai kingdom and the Lanna north as well—a style that ultimately would become the norm at temples throughout much of Thailand. In Si Satchanalai, however, the influence of Sukhothai is also apparent in both some of its architectural and sculptural forms.